Indoor Climbing

Certified Indoor Rock Climbing Instructor


Indoor rock climbing is a great way to get into shape while challenging your mind, strength, stamina, while having fun!

Indoor climbing with a certified instructor(Available in fluent English or Czech):

Whether you are a beginner or advanced climber, you will learn everything you need to climb safely including: how to check and use your equipment properly. Tying basic knots, belaying (spotting someone with a rope), and learn effective techniques to improve your climbing skills.

Climbing is great for all ages and sizes. If you want to get into shape while challenging your mind with fun goals and routes that are a nice change from classic gyms, then climbing is for you. It is even a great sport for team building and developing trust with your friend or partner.


Smichoff Climbing center in Smichov near Andel Prague 5 (15minutes from Metro)


Mammut Climbing center in Holesovice Prague 7 (10min from Metro)


By appointment only at least 24 hours in advance.

Each climbing session is 2 hours including warm up, stretch, checking gear and climbing.

Student Prices

note: prices DO NOT include climbing center entrance,(105czk) harness(20czk) or shoes(40czk)

800czk for 1 on 1 private lessons


300czk/ Student for a group of 3 or more(max 10) per session(2 hrs).

Contact me for more details!

Personal Trainer, Self Defense Instructor, TCM Therapist, Life Coach

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