Rates: Personal training, acupuncture, massage/shiatsu, Reiki, consultation and coaching range from 800-1200czk/session depending on frequency, available times, and location (traveling, or gym costs).

Special Packages:

10 sessions paid in advance – 10% discount

converstational English + personal training session – 1100czk/session (save time practicing English while getting in shape!)

Student discount 700czk – for any service (60 min.)

COMBO PACKAGEPersonal Training (60 min.) + shiatsu massage(30 minutes) (total 90 minutes) – 1200czk

written personal training plan for 1 month – 1000czk

ONLINE personal training via SKYPE or WHATSAPP (60 min.) – 700czk

For specific prices or introductory session contact me.

Personal Trainer, Self Defense Instructor, TCM Therapist, Life Coach

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