Why everyone needs a trainer?

I recommend that everyone STARTS with 1 on 1 instruction from a certified professional, whether it be in the gym, group workout class, or running outside. Personal-Trainer

When you start a new job you also have someone at least showing you the ropes, often times you require up to 3 months probation to master your position or your fired. The same goes for anything you want to incorporate into a lifestyle – which working out is.

I have been a trainer for over 12 years, and unfortunately I see a lot of people working out at the gym harming themselves more often than working towards their goals whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle, or working on bettering their posture.

It may seem as a shock to you, but most people take working out lightly and think they are doing good for themselves by just coming and working out without being fully present to their technique.

The easiest part is counting, picking up heavy weights, and moving. The hardest is actually knowing what you are doing, why, and proper execution. Most people don’t realize that even the most subtle changes in your posture and execution can make the biggest difference. For when you multiply any movement X amount of times over a period of time you amplify even the most smallest faults in technique. One example is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is becoming more frequent. Usually carpal tunnel syndrome is from making the same hand movements over and over, especially if the wrist is bent down (your hands lower than your wrists), or making the same wrist movements over and over. Another example could be drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, at first that 1 cigarette or drink are hardly felt, but over time it is detrimental to your health because of the quantity over a span of time, not just that one moment.

The same goes for working out. While today we have an endless supply of new workout routines(crossfit, circuit training, bodybuilding etc.),classes(yoga, pilates, Les Mills), and a variety of machines, most people still DON’T know how to properly execute a squat, pushup or pullup, which are the basics of most exercises. In fact, most people don’t even know how to maintain proper posture while sitting, standing, or walking/running.

 This is WHY EVERYONE should start with a certified trainer and develop good habits from the beginning, not by copying your friend who THINKS they know how to workout. While your friend may be glad he now has a workout buddy and finally dragged you out of the office, unless he has had a trainer for at least a year, chances are he’s teaching you his bad habits he copied from someone else.

With a personal trainer not only are you almost gauranteed(depending on trainer) to constantly improve your FORM, but you will be able to fully focus on your efforts and massively improve your results. There are several reasons why:

1) with the proper direction of your personal trainer he will help you learn your bodys anatomy and teach you where and what you should be feeling. Studies have shown that you can raise the effectiveness of a workout up to 20% by tuning your mind to the activated muscles in each excercise.

2) planning a proper workout both short term and long term takes time, and most times you just want to be in and out of the gym so you can make your next appointment. Your personal trainer will save you that time by doing all the planning for you.

3) lets say you have a plan, but when you go that specific machine its already being used by someone else. Again, your personal trainer already knows a vast number of alternative excercises and will save you time.

4) Just having a gym buddy with you or someone spotting you will increase your motivation to try harder because no one wants to look like a wuss in front of them. But lets face it, your buddy will be late, cancel, and will want to do his owb thing. A personal trainer will always be on time, and will keep you to your schedule.

5) the trends of working out, change fast because the fitness industry is a huge boom and theres millions being poured into research of how to maintain and improve your health. Trainers are constantly investing their time and money into seminars and research to keep up to date, and will again save you time and sometimes an embarrassment when you find out that what your doing is old school and ineffective.

6) a personal trainer is your preventive medicine so you dont have to see the doctor when you hurt yourself.

7) while there are other reasons why a trainer is good to have, my top favorite is because you may actually have alot more FUN working out. Most people see the gym as a chore, but to the trainer its a playground, and if you find the one that matches your type of personality you may actually enjoy their company and have some laughs (yes, in the gym).

So now that you know WHY you need a trainer, check back for next my blog about  what makes a good personal trainer and how to choose the BEST one for YOU.


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