Shiatsu Therapist & Certified Massage Therapist:

Shiatsu, classic and sports massage, acupressure

I use a style mixed from Shiatsu, physical therapy, classic massage, Tui Na, and stretches. Depending on the clients needs and wants.

Location: in the privacy of your home, at my clinic in Vrsovice, or in Mnisek pod Brdy.

Prices range from 700 – 1200czk depending on the length of time and type of massage.

Please the view the break down of length of time for various body parts. You can use any combination if you want something specific, or just leave it up to me.:

  • Full body (2 hours 30 min.)
  • Back, hips, pelvis(20 min.)
  • Legs from the back and for both sides(30 min.)
  • Legs from the front and for both sides(30 min.)
  • Arms, shoulders, hands for both sides(30 min.)
  • Head, neck(traps.), shoulders(20 min.)
  • Face(15 min.)
  • Classic Sport massage with stretching (60 min.)

To schedule an appointment or for information regarding pricing please feel free to Contact me at your convenience.

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