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Thomas Vejrazka - Personal Trainer
I was born in Los Angeles, California and partly raised in the country side of the Czech Republic where my parents are from. I spent many years traveling and discovering the world, but right now my home is near Prague by the forest. I love adventuring, surfing, paragliding, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, martial arts, psychotherapy, and the spiritual arts.

My inspirations have driven me to find the best conduit in reaching out to peoples’ lives and making a positive difference. In my collective experience of over 10 years of helping people to reach their potential I have developed a unique holistic style in working with the mind, body, and spirit as one. For none of these work alone without the whole.

I started working out at the gym when I was 18 with my college roommates who at the time were heavily into body building. I was a mere 60 kilos at the time and they were around 95kg. They inspired me to go the gym with them, but I remember barely keeping up and being able to spot their huge weights. They were very strict with form and inspired me to continue to push my limits as well as eats 4x more food then what I was used to. Eventually I got up to 90kgs and felt good about myself. I then started to learn martial arts starting with Tae Kwon do. Then I met my Sensei Miro at work and he took me under his wing and taught me kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do(created by Bruce Lee).  I later continued at Dan Inosanto Academy(one of very few officially certified to teach Bruce Lees art). Later I also got into Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Iaido, archery,  ninjitsu, and now I am still pursuing Wing Tsun Ebmas Kungfu.

With my passion for the gym and martial arts I started to teach my friends who later recommended that I do it for cash, so I got my first personal training certification at 19 and have been training people since.

When I was 20 I left the United States and moved to Puerto Rico to pursue surfing while we started an SEO marketing company with my friend. While trying to get good at surfing and martial arts, I quickly realized that being lighter and more flexible was a better advantage so I dropped 15kg and stayed at 80kg. After 2 years of working hard behind a computer I realized that my passion is with helping people meeting their potential. So I left the company to my friend decided to go visit my mother in the Czech Republic and ended up staying ever since. There is no ocean for surf so I picked up rock climbing and paragliding to compensate.

Though cultivating my awareness of self and observing others, constantly improving their weaknesses and strengths, I reached a new level and began to see people as a whole and not just mind or body. So I decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prague and started working with people as a complex entity with a mind, body and soul. Today I have taken this path further and am currently studying Psychotherapy, and am constantly leaning new ways to improve the lives of myself, clients, and friends lives.

Personal Trainer, Self Defense Instructor, TCM Therapist, Life Coach

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