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We live in a very controversial time, a time of separation and materialism. Separation is seen and felt in all forms between people, cultures, beliefs, and most importantly, our selves. This happened when we started putting more value in things over life itself

awareness2Purpose has been exchanged for pleasure, meaning has been exchanged for money. It is not hard to imagine how this happened when you consider that all it takes is 1 generation to teach our kids different values, and only 2 generations to be forgotten. But the values and habits still live on until someone has an awakening and stops the vicious cycle.

The most important thing I learned in school (which was not part of any curriculum) was to question everything. History is written by the victors, and our world is being run by those who are hungry for power. Laws have become invisible barriers to keep us divided into herds of sheep to make us believe we have no self worth or power.

I believe now more than ever, that we are here to connect and unite, to share and to grow, as a whole. Just like we were born as a whole without lines of any separation.

We have the power to change! We can be a united people for a cause greater than ourselves, and it is more imperative that we do so now than ever. How? By changing ourselves first! By questioning everything we do and bringing purpose back into our actions. All it takes is to cultivate our awareness both as individuals, and as a whole. Ever get the feeling that time is slipping by faster and faster, and you can hardly remember what you did over the week? Its because humans have an amazing ability to adapt. Once adaption sets in, the mind starts to skip through the automated mundane processes of life and your awareness is lost in the future and past rather than the present. That’s why we can remember our first month at a new school or job, and possibly the end but little in between. By raising our awareness we can make everyday last forever and make every experience impressionable.

Lets start with self-awareness, or awareness of ourselves. How conscious are you? Are you aware of your thoughts? Or does your mind control you? What about your bodawareness1y, how does it feel right now? We need to focus on both internal and external consciousness, bringing the mind to right here and now.

We can live without food for maybe at least a month, without water for days, but without breathing air only a few minutes before our brain dies. Did you know, that most of us don’t utilize the full potential of our breath? That we only use around 30%(using our lungs without diaphragm). Below I have provided one of the best and easiest ways to start enhancing your breathing potential while bringing awareness into your everyday life.

Awareness breathing exercise #1:

You can do this in any breathing-with-the-diaphragmposition, however I recommend lying down first because its the easiest, because you don’t have to focus additionally on the rest of your body. Place your dominant hand just below your below button, and your other hand on your chest. With your eyes closed inhale and focus on expanding into your dominant hand(belly), and then into your other hand(chest). As you exhale breathe out the same way – into your dominant hand, and then into your other hand. What you should feel is a breathing wave that always starts from the bottom of your diaphragm and ends the same way.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, and it becomes more natural bring your attention to where the air enters your body and follow it as far you can. It should start in your nostrils, into the back of your mouth(esophagus), into your chest and finally into the bottom of your belly. How does it feel? Describe it to yourself. Great, now relax. Congratulations you just learned how to breathe effectively while keeping your mind in full focus of the present moment.

Make this a ritual in bed before you go to sleep. It will soothe your mind and ease you into a deep sleep.

More exercises coming soon keep breathing in the mean time 🙂

Personal Trainer, Self Defense Instructor, TCM Therapist, Life Coach

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