If your looking to lose weight, gain muscle, gain definition, have any chronic pain or illness, or even need nutrition consulting then you have come to the right PLACE!

As a wellness adviser I will help you complete a full diagnosis of physical health, mind, and spirit so we can come up with the most effective means to improve your health, life style and well being. For a break down of individual services please view below.


My inspirations have driven me to find the best conduit in reaching out to peoples’ lives and making a positive difference. In my collective experience of over 10 years of helping people to reach their potential I have developed a unique holistic style in working with the mind, body, and spirit as one. For none of these work alone without the whole.

Each personal training session is tailored to every individuals needs, therefore I offer the first introductory session free of charge,  where we will go over your specific goals, measure your current level of fitness/well-being, and make a plan together on how to best get you to those goals in the most effective amount of time and energy.

Rates: My personal training sessions are around 800-1200czk/session depending on frequency, available times, and location (traveling, or gym costs). For a more specific rate please contact me with your specifications.

Location: I am able to train anywhere in or near Prague, however I most frequently train individuals in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Other gyms I frequently train are:

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Personal Trainer, Self Defense Instructor, TCM Therapist, Life Coach